From Master Artisans to You

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design, we create heirloom quality pieces that go beyond the aesthetic.

The Artisans of Jepara

Our pieces are all made by us at family-owned workshop in Jepara, Indonesia. They have been in business for 30 years and employ over 100 artisans.

Highlighting the natural beauty of the raw materials is the workshop’s main focus. They ensure each step of the process is done with the utmost respect and intention. Their unrivaled commitment to quality is seen in every cut, sand, and stain.

Artisan Lead, Dyah, and her family value the talents of the community they call home. The artisans’ skills are born from this place—both from nature and familial. Through their craft, they are able to preserve this heritage.

"What we do is a celebration of our culture. It is an art inspired by nature and learned from our ancestors."

Dyah, Artisan Lead

"What makes us different is the skill and precision, the quality of the raw materials, and how it’s ethically sourced."

Hasan, carpenter

"I love my job because it takes teamwork. It contains art and creativity."

Suwati, Head Weaver

Collaborative design process

Chair component preparation

Mortise and tenon joinery

Fixing the teak components together

Hand sanded with custom designed sanders

Sanded with care

Finishing process

The handweaving process is highly skilled and very time consuming.