We believe your home is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.

Great design should have soul and purpose. TreeHause combines timeworn techniques and renewable materials to create quality products that are as unique as you.

Our bold designs and collaborative spirit help connect the dots between your home, nature, and culture, redefining how we use a space and ultimately, how we interact with others around us.

Natural Modern Design

Rooted in nature, we merge high design with earth’s natural resources to create heirloom quality pieces that go beyond the aesthetic. Our designs are both beautiful and functional, creating modern classics.

Limited Editions

We offer a handful of pieces—all designed and made by us. Each piece is handcrafted, hand labeled, and released in limited editions to ensure its distinct as the tree it came from and individual as the hands that created it.

Globally Conscious

We commit to preserving craftsmanship and our planet. We partner with artisans to bring their beloved culture to your home. We select renewable materials and give back to the planet more than we take.


Just like the Farm-to-Table concept, the materials we use, as with food, are only as exceptional as where it comes from and the hands who prepare it. We source local, sustainable materials and collaborate with the most skilled artisans to bring our natural modern style to your home.

We sell directly to you onlinethere are no middlemen.

This enables us to offer you handcrafted products, made with the finest materials, at more accessible prices than traditional luxury brands.

This is Tree-To-Hause.


We are committed to give back to the planet more than we take. For every tree used bring our designs to life,


With each piece of furniture you purchase, you are helping to replant a tree in community farms AND a tree to help restore the wild forests, all thanks to you!

Meet the Founders


I'm Jeffrey, and I'm Bradford, and we're the brothers who built TreeHause. We are twins, sharing a passion for design and architecture, who grew up with an appreciation for furniture made by hand then passed down for generations.

Each piece has a story—all collected from our family’s past. And we'll continue the story.

Furniture today doesn't carry that same meaning. In a world of mass manufacturing and quick design, furniture isn't made to endure. It is made to be replaced.

We want to change that. So we are.

We set out on a journey to reconnect our homes to timeless traditions by learning from artisans who cherish craftsmanship and skill. Using old world methods to inspire our new world designs.

Meet Jeffrey

Jeffrey is an architectural and interior designer based in New York City specializing in luxury retail and commercial spaces. He saw the astronomical prices that high end clients were paying for his furniture designs. He decided high quality furniture shouldn't be relegated to the deep pockets and wanted to lower the barrier to entry.

Jeffrey is the Co-Founder and chief designer at TreeHause. Exploring local natural materials and learning artisanal techniques, he brings a modern aesthetic to traditional craft.


Bradford comes from an esteemed career in relationship management and supply chain. Throughout his career, he saw the impact technology, AI, and the bottom line have on our global communities and environment.  He felt the need to leave the big corporate world and explore more of the real world, eventually landing in Indonesia where he discovered first hand the beautiful cultural traditions and craftsmanship of its people.

Bradford is the Co-Founder and chief of operations at TreeHause.